Frenzy Nail

Available in 3/16 and 1/4 oz

Wack-A-Sack Jig

Available in 4 different hooks, 6 available size weights and comes in two colors Black, Green Pumpkin!

Wacky O’Rings

Unique Wacky solutions available in Black, Oxblood, Green Pumpkin, and Clear!

Meet the Owner

Tournament Pro Greg Gutierrez has designed and perfected all Frenzy Models. Click below to learn more About Us.

Umbrella Rigs

We offer a unique skirted tin head with 7 prongs that gives you the EDGE!

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New Products

Frenzy Nail

Wack-A-Sack Jig

Wacky Saddle/O-rings

Umbrella Rigs


How to Fish Our Baits

About Us

Frenzy Baits was started with the idea of being unique, and innovative. Our current mission is to create baits with the best design and action using the highest quality components. The kind of lures that you always have tied on when the bite is tough and the fish need to see something new. We have a passion for fishing, the passion to try something new, a sense of adventure. Being the first boat on the water and the last one-off. Follow our lead, and elevate your fishing to the next level.