The Perfect Wacky O’Rings & Wacky Saddles

Why Wacky Saddles and Perfect O’Rings you ask…because wacky rigging plastic baits can get expensive. It seems like with every bite, your bait pays the price, and you end up going back to the bag for another, and another, and another… That is, until the Wacky Saddle and the Perfect Wacky O’Rings came along. Even […]

The Frenzy Baits NAIL

Frenzy Baits would like to introduce you to the newest product to the company brand, the Frenzy “NAIL“! This bait is on FIRE and has already been credited with several tournament wins including a FLW Western Costa series win during a very tough bite! The Frenzy Baits NAIL is a new jig head designed for […]

Giant California Bass

We just got news that Matt Allen of had another fantastic trip on Clear Lake. He is one of the Elite guides here in Northern California and regularly catches 25-40lb bags of bass. His trip monday was a very special one. Before this anglers guide trip, his biggest bass was 2.5lbs. He broke his […]

Properly bending rig wires

Tournaments have show that the umbrella rig can not only catch numbers, but quality fish too.There’s endless ways to rig your umbrella. You can clip on your favorite swimbait, Frenzy Vibe, or swim jig to make the perfect combination for the conditions. As the baits on the end of the rig help your confidence, the most […]

More Frenzy Baits coming soon…

We’re working on getting A LOT more pictures and videos posted on the site very soon! In the meantime, go to the sidebar or in the header where it says: “ENEWSLETTER SIGN UP” and enter your email to stay up to date on everything happening with Frenzy Baits.  

Umbrella Rigs with the Frenzy Vibe

When fishing a umbrella rig, have you ever had bites just about take the rod out of your hand, and you miss them? There are a handful of different baits that you can throw on umbrella rigs from swimbaits to spinnerbaits, casting spoons, and crankbaits. In field studies from gin clear water to chocolate milk […]

How To Rig the 7 Prong in California

Just the other day, I saw a picture of a 6 lb largemouth bass with a 14” trout in his gut… WOW!!! We all know bass are very greedy and will take the chance to eat the biggest meal possible at any given moment. The Sniper and the Outlaw are the first umbrella rigs with […]

The Bounty Hunter Strikes Again!!!

Local angler John Bowles from Northern California caught a nice 6 lb Largemouth on a tough reservoir to catch kicker fish like this. He was throwing the Bounty Hunter (Skirted 5 prong rig) equipped with Reaction Innovations Little Dippers.