Umbrella Rigs with the Frenzy Vibe

When fishing a umbrella rig, have you ever had bites just about take the rod out of your hand, and you miss them? There are a handful of different baits that you can throw on umbrella rigs from swimbaits to spinnerbaits, casting spoons, and crankbaits. In field studies from gin clear water to chocolate milk stained water, a vibration bait like the “Frenzy Vibe”, has made a night and day difference on the umbrella rig. The key it when bending the wires out at right out the the package, you make sure that you leave one wire (preferably the longest one) straight back. That is the wire that you want to place the “Vibe” on. If you place the “Vibe” on any other prong but the middle one the bait will not work and it will result in a headache. With the “Vibe” in the middle of the rig, The whole bait will vibrate and dart around with a erratic action causing violent strikes. Also, it gives the fish something to key in to when they ambush the bait. With all that said, try a “Frenzy Vibe” on your next outing, and see if you school em’ up!