Frenzy Nail

What’s all the talk about? Are you looking for a perfectly designed shaky head, “the best shaky head” on the market, a true stand-up jig head design, that will catch fish in all types of cover? Then check this out! 

The Frenzy “NAIL” has already been credited with several tournaments wins including an FLW Western Costa series win during a very tough bite!

The Frenzy Baits NAIL is a jig head designed for the “Shaky Head” technique. The NAIL was designed by lure designer and professional angler Greg Gutierrez. Greg designed the NAIL so he could use the Shaky Head finesse technique in more types of cover and situations.

The NAIL’s is a true “stand-up” head design, which sets the hook angle to present plastic lures of all types in a nearly vertical presentation. This puts your bait right in the fish’s face! The head was also designed to work its way through all kinds of cover such as grass, brush and rocky structures.

The head and barb design took countless hours of design, redesign and field testing to come up with the proprietary “CR Barb”. The “CR Barb” reduces the occurrence of the plastic bait tearing, slipping down or balling up during a hard cast of hook set. It also allows for a larger “bite area” using the same size hook as many other Shaky Head designs, with no more pesky spring or wire getting in the way!

The NAIL’s eye placement and head angle automatically rotate the hook to an upright position which allows the hook to penetrate the upper portions of the fish’s mouth, which to the angler mean an increased “hook up” ratio!

For Greg, the result of the NAIL’s overall design has been increased hookups, increased longevity of plastic baits, less time lost because of snagged lures, or having to put the plastic bait back into position.

“I am so confident about this head design, that I know it will help you catch more fish!”. Greg Gutierrez

Available in 3/16 and 1/4 oz. and in Black, Brown, Green Pumpkin, and Pumpkin Camo