Kira Umbrella Rig

5 prong rig skirted or unskirted

Introducing the new “KIRA” series of umbrella rigs from Frenzy Baits. The KIRA Rigs are built off of our Bounty Hunter and Sniper series of umbrella rigs with a little twist…we’ve added blades to give it that kirakira look! The in a name? The KIRA name is just a shorted version of kirakira, which is translated from Japanese meaning, shining or glittery.

The addition of blades to our New 5 wire Sniper and our 5 wire Bounty Hunter gives the bait more drawing appeal with the looks of a larger school of bait to attack. As usual, we didn’t skimp on materials, starting with our heavy-duty brown stainless steel camo wires and accented with using strong and super smooth roller swivels, and black duo lock snaps.


Available in Shad and Sexy Shad