Rigging Instructions

  1. We recommend at least 65 lb braided line. If you snag up and start tugging the weakest link in the setup won’t be be your Frenzy Baits rig. If your rod and knot are solid you’ll probably bend your hook before the rig gives, which is actually a good thing instead of loosing your rig.
  2. If your losing fish, try a reel set over a violent hook set. We’ve had success with a 10 foot 25 lb mono leader for a little give on your hook sets.
  3. Explore different rigging options. We have the most success with swimjigs (skirted) with hollow body trailers. We love the profile of five skirted baits, actually appearing that there are even more fish in the school.
  4. When you feel the bottom or structure, give a subtle rod twitch to mimic a frightened school of fish as it changes direction.
  5. Still getting violent strikes and missing fish? Use a vibrating jig as your primary bait in the middle prong of the rig. We’ve seen success on these type of jigs as they give the fish something to lock on to when ambushing the school. The vibrating jig brings them from a long way away.

Check out these Rigging Instructions for properly bending your wires to avoid unnecessary damage to your Frenzy Umbrella Rig.