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NED NAIL, 3/16 Oz. Green Pumpkin

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Product Details

The “Ned Nail” uses the same great features the regular Nail and the changes are subtle but there is definitely a difference!s. Our unique custom bait keeper barb holds all kinds of plastic bait in place and the chiseled shape of the head allows the bait to work its way through wood, rock and grass with reduced snagging of the lure.

Now the hook is something to talk about, we are using a super sharp medium wire hook in a 4/0 size but with a shorter shank. The gap is still wide enough to allow the angler to use the larger diameter NED style plastic baits but the shorter shank hides in the plastic which allows more vibration in the plastic.

So now you can toss your NED rig baits into the those areas you could never throw those flimsy open hooks, which means you can use heavier line and equipment without fear of snagging or bending your finesse hooks open.

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