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Wack-A-Sack Size 4/0 Round Bend, 1/4 oz. Black

In stock
Product Details

The Wack-A-Sack Jig is the perfect wacky and flick-shake jig. The W.A.S. Jig allows an angler to present any plastic bait in several different ways. From wacky rigged to nose hooked, an angler can use a 4 inch finesse worm up to 12 inch magnum worms. It doesn’t matter what you use, tubes or creature baits, the Wack-A-Sack does it all!…

The 4/0 round bend hook is a reel sleeper, super sharp, stout and ready for big fish. This may just be a big boy’s bait wrapped up in a finesse bait package.

Tie this up on a big boys rod and search those ledges and rock piles where the giants live. Rig the W.A.S. Jig up with any of your magnum and ribbon tail worms, and larger creature baits are a perfect fit. Stick baits, beavers, tubes or what ever you want!

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